Our rental packages are designed to be easy to transport, quick to set up and simple to use.  We offer public address and music playback solutions for events such as:

  • Athletic events (weatherized speakers available)
  • Backyard movie theaters
  • Business meetings
  • Groundbreakings/ Grand Openings
  • Parades/ parade floats
  • Parties
  • Political events/ rallies
  • Weddings
Each package has all the components needed to provide outstanding audio in any venue, whether indoors or out.  If you're looking for something you don't see, please contact us with your requirements.


SPA Rental Packages:  Drawing upon over 30 years' design experience, we have created these user-friendly packages to fit your event needs.  These sound solutions are built with high quality components, are easy to set up, operate and remove and are designed specifically to meet the requirements of some of the most common applications of sound systems.  Each system has a custom engineered processor with templates to optimize performance and provide "goof proof" operation.  No more complicated controls with too many knobs to choose from...these packages are labeled so simply that even a person with no previous audio experience can run them!  Just follow the assembly directions, turn the system on and you have a superior SOLUTION.

White speakers are the perfect solution for weddings, light colored function halls and white tents.  Contact us for specifications.